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Industries we work with

At Politech, we are proud to work with a range of industries across NSW. We work in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors, helping to provide high-quality air conditioning and refrigeration services to homes and businesses on time and on budget.
We have extensive expertise in helping businesses and people create the perfect indoor environment. As experts, we understand exactly what your building or home needs to heat and cool the space in the most economical and efficient manner.

Providing HVAC solutions to the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors.

We understand that every industry has different requirements for their air conditioning and refrigeration needs. We provide personalised solutions that are tailored to your individual industry and building. This means you can rely on us to create the perfect HVAC and refrigeration design that will create the ideal indoor environment.
Other than the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors we work alongside, we also provide facilities maintenance. From hotels to strata buildings, we can help maintain and service your air conditioning and refrigeration systems, so everything remains in working order all year round.

Residential HVAC Services - Politech

Domestic – Helping to make houses feel like home.

We understand the importance of providing outstanding air conditioning services to domestic settings, to ensure your home remains comfortable each and every day. Nobody wants to be trapped in a house that’s too hot or cold. We ensure your space remains relaxing and comfortable by providing air clean filters, regular servicing and maintenance of your air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
From new builds to renovations, we can provide outstanding advice and guidance for every home. We can work alongside your architect to create a tailored and personalised HVAC system that suits each space. We can also provide design and construct services, which takes the guesswork out of deciding on your new air conditioning system.
While we are focused on providing the most efficient and economical methods of heating and cooling your home, we are also cognisant of the need for your HVAC system to look good within the space. Therefore, we understand the importance of providing aesthetic air conditioning designs that are optimal for the space. We offer services for:

• new builds
• homes
• renovations
• townhouses
• multi-family developments
• apartments.

Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Commercial – Providing safe and comfortable work environments year-round.

Providing a comfortable indoor environment should be a priority for the entire commercial sector. A workplace and building that is relaxing and nice to be in can only improve your business operations and efficiency.
At Politech, we understand the unique needs of the commercial industry when it comes to its air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We always provide high-quality and high-performance services. No job is too big or complex. From apartment buildings to office spaces, we design tailored air conditioning systems that meet your unique needs.
With our extensive experience, we know the best products and materials for your space. This means we can create a great indoor environment that is optimised for your requirements. We offer services for:

• office buildings
• apartments
• medical centres
• hotels
• shopping centres
• retail stores
• garages and more

Air Conditioning Services for Industrial Sectors - Politech

Industrial – Optimising efficiency in every workplace.

It’s important to create a great work environment in order to optimise your staff’s efficiency and output. Air conditioning and refrigeration services play an important role in this. At Politech, we’re experts in creating the perfect environment for all industries and workplaces – no workspace is too complex or large for us to create a great HVAC system solution.

Our extensive industry experience and know-how, means your industrial business is in capable hands. We understand that every business is different and requires a tailored and personalised solution. This is our speciality. Our design and construct services are created with your business’s unique needs in mind.

We provide outstanding industrial air conditioning and refrigeration services to a range of industries. These include:

  • heavy manufacturing buildings
  • warehouses
  • truck terminals
  • distribution warehouses
  • research and development buildings
  • data centres
  • showrooms

Facilities Maintenance – Maintaining comfort all year long.

Maintaining the comfort of your facility and building should be a priority for every business. From hotels to apartment buildings, nobody wants to be uncomfortable indoors, especially in the harsh Australian conditions.

We provide facilities maintenance to a range of industries and buildings. We collaborate with facilities to maintain and service their existing air conditioning and refrigeration systems. This ensures that everybody inside these facilities is comfortable and relaxed year-round.

We are proud to provide HVAC preventative management to facilities of all sizes. A great customer experience is critical to ensuring you maintain strong business operations and provide high-quality services.

We understand and recognise the importance air conditioning and refrigeration plays in offering this. We always consider the needs and requirements of your individual building, helping us to create a personalised and tailored HVAC systems design.

Experience the difference when you work with Politech