Air purification systems

Looking for ways to protect your health and wellbeing? Our air purification systems can protect your environment from any nasties in the air.

Our air purification systems can clean the air of viruses by 99.95%.

At Politech, we are passionate about protecting our client’s health and wellbeing, which is why we are proud to offer our air purification systems. Utilising world-leading technology, our air purification systems clean the air, inactivating dangerous pathogens by 99.95%.

Combining technologies such as UV-C light and ionisation, you can improve the safety of indoor environments everywhere.

Protect your health and wellbeing with our air purification systems.

Our air purification systems are perfect for any indoor environment such as commercial and industrial spaces. We can install our air purification systems for all types of air conditioning units, including:

  • split systems
  • ducted air conditioning
  • package units
  • VRV and VRF systems
  • mechanical pipework
  • sheet metal duct work
  • ventilation work
  • air handling units.

We can also install air purification systems into commercial and industrial spaces that lack an air conditioning system. This means every building can access this technology, helping to protect the health and wellbeing of people everywhere.

We are an authorised national seller of RGFs REME air purifying technology.

We have several air purifying products available, meaning there’s a product for every space. All our air purifying products have been trialled, tested and manufactured in the USA for over 12 years. They are the very best products available.

Our air purification systems are available in two categories:

  • PureAir range – these are standalone units. They are perfect for sites that lack an air conditioning system.
  • PHI range – these have been designed to be utilised alongside air conditioning units. This range utilises UV-C technology.

All our air purification systems are low maintenance and highly effective in cleaning the air.  Contact us today to find out more!