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Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney

At Politech, we are proud to work with a range of industries across NSW, providing commercial air conditioning in Sydney to a range of customers. We offer air con installation, repairs, servicing and maintenance to  commercial clients and factory spaces.

Our high-quality air conditioning and refrigeration services for businesses are delivered on time and on budget. We have extensive expertise to ensure you get a customised solution and create the perfect indoor environment.

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HVAC solutions for, commercial and industrial sectors

We understand that every industry has different requirements for their air conditioning and refrigeration needs. We provide personalised solutions that are tailored to your individual industry and building. You can rely on us to create the perfect HVAC and refrigeration design that will create the ideal indoor environment.

We also provide facilities maintenance and can assist hotels, strata buildings, and much more. Choose Politech to help maintain and service your air conditioning and refrigeration systems, so everything remains in working order all year round.

Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Commercial Air Con Services – safe and comfortable work environments year-round.

A workplace and building that is relaxing and comfortable to be in means your business operations and efficiency improves. We all know the saying ‘a happy worker is a productive worker’. Thus, providing a comfortable indoor environment should be a priority for the entire commercial sector.

Our team understands the unique needs of the commercial industry when it comes to its air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Politech offers customised solutions that ensure high-quality results and high-performance services. No job is too big or complex. We also recognise the importance of commercial air conditioning maintenance to Sydney businesses, and as such, offer ongoing support for servicing and repairs.

We offer services for:

• office buildings
• apartments
• medical centres
• hotels
• shopping centres
• retail stores
• garages and more

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Air Conditioning Services for Industrial Sectors - Politech

Industrial – Optimising efficiency in every workplace.

It’s important to create a great work environment in order to optimise your staff’s efficiency and output. Air conditioning and refrigeration services play an important role in this. At Politech, we’re experts in creating the perfect environment for all industries and workplaces – no workspace is too complex or large for us to create a great HVAC system solution.

Our extensive industry experience and know-how, means your industrial business is in capable hands. We understand that every business is different and requires a tailored and personalised solution. This is our speciality. Our design and construct services are created with your business’s unique needs in mind.

We provide outstanding industrial air conditioning and refrigeration services to a range of industries. These include:

  • heavy manufacturing buildings
  • warehouses
  • truck terminals
  • distribution warehouses
  • research and development buildings
  • data centres
  • showrooms

Which type of AC is best for commercial use?

The most common air conditioning units used in commercial spaces are package units. This all depends on the space of the premises. If space is an issue and the package units cannot fit, you can use systems such as VRV/VRF or commonly used ducted air conditioning systems which are also found in houses but in a much larger scale. Some commercial buildings also contain water cooled systems which incorporate chillers and cooling towers. These systems are widely used in Sydney CBD.

What are the 3 types of air conditioning system?

The 3 main types of air conditioning systems are ducted air conditioning, split systems and multi head systems. It all depends on the space you have to know which application is the right one for your space.

What is the difference between commercial and residential air conditioning?

A commercial system requires larger parts and components, and consumes more energy given the greater output required. While a residential HVAC system might not be used continuously throughout the day, the commercial models are designed for ongoing and intensive use.

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Experience the difference when you work with Politech